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Industrial Air Compressors And Pneumatic Systems Serving San Diego and Imperial Counties

Sales Capabilities

- Air system analysis
- Reciprocating and rotary air compressors from 5 to 450 horsepower
- Turn key installations from air system desgin to complete installation
- Refrigerated and dual tower with dew points to 100 F
- Compressed air filtration
- Diesel engine air starters
- System design capabilities
- Lubricated Models
- Life cycle costs
- Air Dryers
- Cost analysis

Large selection of used parts for all makes and models

We also repair and service industrial portable compressors

We Repair All Makes and Models!

Specialized Work with All Government
Agencies at Federal, State & Local Level.


Specializing in air for the pharmaceutical industry and air for the chemical industry.

If you are having problems with your Air Compressor, or air system, please contact us and in most cases we can help you solve the problem over the phone, with out having to provide a service call. Call(619) 439-2038

This is a service that we provide our customers and future customers.


The Chicago Pneumatic Compressor Guarantee

CP Compressor is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most reliable equipment for your compressed air application and we stand behind our promise with one of the most competitive
STANDARD warranties in the industry!

Carlson BeauloyeAll Rotary Screw (5 Years)
Carlson BeauloyeTwo-Stage Reciprocating (2 Years)
Carlson BeauloyeSingle-Stage Reciprocating (1 Year)

Enjoy The Silence

Every 3 dBA means twice the perceived sound level and increased worker fatigue
from noise pollution. Chicago Pneumatic understands how important the work
environment is for employees which is why every compressor comes standard
with low-sound enclosure. When you consider that our 100 hp belt drive
compressor operates at 71 dBA and our 100 hp gear drive compressor
operates at 66dBA, you can truly enjoy the silence!


Service Capabilities

Carlson BeauloyeFactory technicians
Carlson BeauloyeService contracts available for all makes and models of industrial compressors.


We carry parts for all industrial compressors.
Additionally, our parts department carries parts for other makes and models.


Past Sales Include:

Carlson BeauloyeUS Navy
Carlson BeauloyeCamp Pendleton
Carlson BeauloyeFire Departments, Police Departments & Customs

Additionally, our parts department carries parts for other makes and models.

Beko Parts used. View BEKO PRODUCTS PAGE